Janitorial Cleaning Services

In Dallas, the top Janitorial Cleaning Services provider is Prather Building Services. We are an established company and have been in the industry since 1990. We have always had a focus on high quality Janitorial Cleaning Services and customer satisfaction. Keeping our customers happy is simply a matter of giving them the best service at the most affordable prices in the metro Dallas area.

Twenty years in the Janitorial Cleaning Services industry has given us the experience to develop a training system and quality control procedure that always produces top quality cleaning and maintenance services. Prather Building services is a complete Janitorial Cleaning Services provider. We have Janitorial Cleaning Services that will meet your scheduling requirements. If you need daily or weekly cleaning, floor cleaning, carpet cleaning or construction clean up, then Prather is equipped and staffed to assist.

Our maintenance services are also well known in Dallas. Members of our staff serve our Dallas clients as go to maintenance experts. If you are looking to reduce costs in your janitorial or maintenance budgets, then Prather will be able to help.

Prather Building Services

Our clients expect the best from Prather and we always deliver. We are security minded because our client’s properties are valuable and may contain sensitive information. That is why we are insured, bonded and require thoroughly investigative background checks of all of our employees. We do this so that we know we can trust our employees with your valuable property. Our Janitorial Cleaning Services staff reports to an account manager that is assigned to your contract. The account manager is your direct link to Prather Building Services and our cleaning and maintenance employees.

If you ever have a special request then all you have to do is notify your account manager. We make it simple for you to get everything you need from your Janitorial Cleaning Services. Call today and speak with one of our representatives. You can find out more about our free consultation and even set up an appointment to meet with an account manager at your convenience. We have a number of flexible service plans available and we can find one or modify one to meet your exact specifications.

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Our reputation is for being honest, reliable and affordable. We have kept this reputation for over twenty years and our client retention ratings demonstrate that. As a local business, Prather feels that we are able to compete with the national chains at the levels of pricing, service and customer satisfaction. We give more, work harder, think smarter and never sub contract like our competitors. We know the people that we are sending to your buildings. That means you can feel secure with Prather Building Services.

Reliable Janitorial Cleaning Services

The Prather Building Services quality assurance method keeps track of our employees, their performance and their progress. Our employees are important to us and we always want to improve their abilities and their quality in work because that translates to the best quality service for your money. Call today and schedule an appointment for a free consultation today.

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