What things are important in selecting a Cleaning Company

Pick a Cleaning company that:

  • Has its own employees and does not use a subcontractor. If the Cleaning company owner takes the time to hire and screen the employees then you are going to get a better quality of worker cleaning your building.
  • Get a company that is locally owned and operated. Large cleaning company chains tend to have the customer service that a smaller locally owned cleaning company.
  • Pick a cleaning company that has lots of experience.
  • Find a cleaning company that understands the use of cleaning products.  A company that uses Green cleaning products or as few chemicals as possible. Most companies use way to many chemicals which are unnecessary and if you don’t keep an eye on your cleaners they will bring chemicals in to clean that they shouldn’t.
  • Choose a company that is bonded and does background checks on the employees. You want to feel comfortable that the cleaning company employees will not steal from you.
  • Pick a company that is reliable and has a good reputation
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